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Aigner is a German brand well known for its exceptional craftsmanship, premier leather, and timeless designs. The brand has emerged as a modern luxury label, with its famous 'Cybill' Bag playing a key role in cementing its fantastic reputation. It is most famous for its leather handbags, small leather goods and chic accessories, and is a store clearly favoured by fashionistas.
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BEGAN IN NEW YORK. The renowned fashion designer Etienne Aigner born in Hungary in 1904 showcased his first handbag collection in New York – and this marked the start to his astonishing designs. THE MUNICH FEELING. The design from the 60s and 70s echoed this great freedom. It was fresh, structured and futuristic, with an accent for the color orange. AIGNER, THE FIRST GERMAN CULT BRAND FOR STYLISH LIVING. The iconic AIGNER "A" in the form of a horseshoe combined with the AIGNER-typical Antic red color became the prominent feature of the best handbags, belts and expensive travel luggage but also leather-encased cigarette lighters, corkscrews, pipe smokers' accessories, and even backgammon boxes. AIGNER continued to create true classic over many decades. During the 1980s AIGNER stretched its product range by awarding licenses for watches, jewellery and eyewear. In 1990 licenses were awarded for the womenswear and menswear collection. In 2003 AIGNER celebrated a mighty debut at the Milan fashion shows. The relaunch of the company's brand architecture was a victory. In 2005 AIGNER grew to over 20 new stores and extended its business activities in the Near and Far East embarking on a highly effective quality offensive in the leather sector. Today the brand is a representation for unique craftsmanship, highest quality and accuracy. A brilliant combination of German precision and Tuscan tradition. AIGNER – a German brand with an Italian soul.

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